Sandy the Beach Doll

Sandy the Beach doll is a unique toy with the mission to create, and expand, a market for a one-of-a-kind feminine doll that is custom-made for beach play.  The Sandy team approached me in order to help guide them through a brand voice evolution in preparation for a re-launch; with the goal to capture their product's modern individuality with a mix of voice, aesthetic and positioning.


I singularly created, developed and refined the Sandy the Beach Doll brand voice. Each messaging pillar was styled to elicit an elevated feel while remaining simple (and fun!) enough to be accessible to the everyday family. I ensured to differentiate the brand by infusing a youthful spirit that was characteristic of the product, yet different from the average toy in the market. The result is a robust verbal system that speaks to not only the buyer (parents), but children too. 

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The first beach doll made for your little one in mind. Sandy’s unique design allows kids to spend hours engaging in imaginative play, without missing out on the classic beach experience. 

A one of a kind beach toy brand to revolutionize the pail + shovel concept by offering hours of imaginative play, topped off by a cute feminine touch.