Jasper Organics

When I first joined the Jasper Organics team, I saw a clear need to go back to the basics; I developed a strong brand foundation that would act as a guide for brand positioning across their B2C marketing platforms. Through this, I was able to ensure that every side of the business, from web design to influencer marketing, was moving the needle for both sales and the overall mission. 


Internally, I created workflow processes as well as content solutions that allowed for the brand’s marketing to become more in-line with brand goals. This included: content calendar creation, marketing workflow builds, and managing the team of creatives. 

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Content Strategist


Brand Positioning

B2C Copy Direction 

Website Layout Insights

Marketing Strategy

Jasper Organics offers high-quality hemp products so that you may feel empowered on your plant-based journey.

"Jessie brought her expertise to the team with an extensive background in content creation and management. She has been an amazing asset to the team in so many ways. Her knack for organization, along with her creative skills, have refreshed our brand in so many ways. "