Dr. Cuddles

Dr. Cuddles is a family loved D2C pet brand that had a desire to elevate their digital presence, strengthen brand principles and engage further with their audience. With this objective in mind, the team approached me in order to help them redefine their brand voice; as well as apply key language and messaging across updated channels.


A common challenge this brand faced was learning how to communicate the research-backed and scientific benefits of their products in a relatable way. It would require a stripping down of the complex in order to extract high-level value. With this mind, I set out to develop a brand personality that seamlessly blended both the professional and playful characteristics that Dr. Cuddles embodies. All the while ensuring that the core brand mission remained the firm ground on which Dr. Cuddles could walk. 


The resulting work was an original brand personality that worked beautifully with their refined visual identity.  The collusion of these two elements put Dr. Cuddles in a place from which they could strengthen their brand and marketing experience, cultivate community and tell their story. 

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No nonsense. Just solutions.

Dr. Cuddles is one of the first pet brands focused on creating medicated pet cleaning and wellness products that deliver visible results.

"By working with Jessie, we were able to take our concept and make our company come to life through her talent. Jessie developed a brand voice that felt warm, authentic and helped us educate our consumer base. She was intuitive and listened to our needs; taking our ideas above and beyond, while still keeping our core values at the heart of the brand. "

Your pet’s wellness isn’t just a trend.

It’s time to activate a new pet care routine. Our products are designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind, inviting innovative solutions and human-grade quality into your home.