As an emerging brand coming onto the scene of a monopolized market, afterglow needed to increase brand awareness in a unique way. Fundamentally, they wanted to dig deep in order to discover what their ideal customer was truly looking for in the erotic space.


A solid verbal strategy would be required in order to successfully drive marketing messages to the target consumer. I established the brand voice from day one; ensuring to align the brand presence with mission, vision, & long-term goals. A connection was soon found between afterglow’s own mission + values to that of a traditional wellness company. Through a continual understanding of this target consumer, I honed in on positioning pleasure as a form of wellness practice. This identity work was crucial in setting afterglow up for success in launch phase and beyond.  As the voice creator, I have the final say on all copy-related projects - ranging from ad campaigns to pitch decks. 


After setting up that key brand identity through brand voice, I moved simultaneously into the Content Director position. In this role, I am in charge of the planning, strategizing, & execution coordination for both marketing & site content; essentially bridging the gap between creative and strategic marketing.  Through this, I am able to show how each internal decision ladders up into the consumer-facing narrative. This involves email marketing strategy, managing contributors & partnerships, web content strategy, and more.


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Content Director

Brand Voice Specialist


Brand Voice Creation

B2C & B2B Copy Direction 

Content Direction 

Site Content Management

Email Marketing Lead

afterglow is on a mission to cultivate the unabashed enjoyment of sex through mouth-watering, sex positive content that highlights the pleasure of all participants.

"Jessie impresses me in both her wide range of styles, clarity and precision within each style. She just "gets it."  She put together guides for my company that serve as reference points for everything we publish!"